Sunday School

For All


At Townsend Bible Church, we feel it is very important to not only give opportunities to serve, but also offer ample opportunity to learn and grow in the Scriptures. For this reason, we strive to offer Sunday School classes targeted towards various age groups, starting at 9:25 every Sunday morning.

For the adults, we offer the variety of two separate classes that are filled with open discussion. We also offer a College & Careers class targeted towards the younger adults. We are sure you’ll enjoy the vast amount of perspective and encouragement from the students and teacher alike.

As for those younger, we have classes from toddlers to teens; individual classes that include 2-3 yr. old, 4-6 yr. old, 1st-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, Junior High (7th-8th), and High School (9th-12th).

Our teachers are faithfully committed not only to accurate teaching, but also to living an obedient life in conformity with Christ.  Rest assured, your children (or parents…) are in good hands!

Grace Groups

Awana Clubs

 Awana helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. 


TBC AWANA Clubs operate from the time the public school fall semester begins and until school adjourns in May. We also continue to offer Youth Meetings on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer. We are sure your children will enjoy great teaching in a fun and encouraging atmosphere!  

TBC AWANA Clubs Meet on Wed. @ - 6:30 PM

  • - Cubbies 3 yrs. – 5 yrs.

  • - Sparks Grades K – 2

  • - Truth & Training Grades 3 – 6

  • - Trek 24/7 Grades 7 – 8

  • - Journey 24/7 Grades 9 – 12


Youth Ministry

The world today, as we know it, has become busy, distracting, and often burdensome. Teens are regularly pulled away from the things that really matter. At Townsend Bible Church, we feel it is very important to offer an alternative for our youth.

We offer three opportunities for our youth to have fun, fellowship, and grow in the faith.

  1.  Every Sunday morning from 9:25 AM-10:15 AM

  2. Journey meets every Wednesday night from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM

  3. Once a month on Friday evening, from 6:30-8:30, we meet for games and activities, fellowship, singing, and Bible study.

Any 7th-12th graders are welcome to come and have a great time building lasting relationships with like-minded believers, as well as growing in the Word of God.

We offer ample opportunities for our youth to serve as well….from mission trips, local evangelism outreaches, youth services, devotions and sermons from young men, special music, occasional teaching in children’s ministries, work projects, and much more. We believe that our youth have a very important role in becoming the future leaders in the local church. For this reason we desire for them to become faithful in growth and service, not stifling them, but allowing them to bloom where they are planted. Come and see !

We strongly believe in the sufficiency of scripture to meet all of our needs that relate to life and godliness. Grace groups are designed to meet specific needs that we all face while at the same time building relations as we come to know, love, serve and grow. 


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